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Our Company Values

Phresh Waters

At Phresh Waters our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of water. We believe with good water comes great health and our state-of-the-art filtration system ensures that you get nothing, but clean great-tasting water every time. We meticulously test our Alkaline, Purified, and Distilled water for any contaminants daily, to guarantee that our customers get the high-quality water they deserve. We deliver water in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino.

Rest Assure we are taking the precaution necessary to ensure our sanitation steps are met. The health of Phresh Waters customers our top priority.
A Little Of Our Story

Alkaline Water Delivery Straight to your door.

We provide Alkaline Water Delivery to your home and office. Phresh Waters focuses on providing premium Alkaline, Purified, and Distilled Water. We deliver water in 3-or-5 gallon size containers using BPA- Free bottles. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest water to residential and business customers.

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