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Terms and Conditions

Bottle Deposits: Please be advised, bottle deposits will be applied if the exact number of bottles on file are not returned. Such bottle deposits will be refunded/credited back to the account holder’s account when the bottles are returned in good condition.

Invoices and Payment: You are required to pay us for all products and services provided to you by us and for all equipment you rent from us, in each case plus applicable tax, as well as all other fees and charges set forth in this Service Agreement or that we may otherwise charge to you. We will provide you with an electronic invoice sent to the email address on file for each billing period, which is sent on the delivery date with a billing period that last 28 days. Payment is due by the account holder no later than the due date set forth in such invoices. You agree to pay a late fee to us up to the maximum amount permitted by applicable law for any amounts that you have failed to pay by the applicable due date.

Autopay: If you choose to pay by credit or debit card in a recurring manner (what we call “AUTOPAY”), You hereby authorize us to automatically charge the credit or debit card in the amounts and by the due dates reflected on the invoices we will provide you each billing period. You may cancel autopay at any time by calling us at 1800-330-0120. You may request to change your method of payment at any time through your online account with us or by calling 1800-330-0120

Equipment: We may be leasing our equipment to you. All of this equipment will remain our property and no amounts you pay us shall be applied toward the purchase of any such equipment. You, your personnel and any other person who you anticipate using our equipment are required to use and maintain our equipment in a safe and proper manner and in accordance with any operating, cleaning or maintenance. You will not (a) remove any of our equipment from its intended location, (b) permit any other person to repair our equipment, or (c) alter or modify any of our equipment. For the safe and proper use of our equipment, you are required to only use products delivered by us in such equipment. You must notify us immediately if any equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. You are solely responsible for selecting the location of the equipment and any property damage or personal injury resulting from the use of such equipment at the selected location.

Cancellation: We will continue to provide our products, equipment and services to you unless you cancel our service. You may cancel our services at any time by calling us at 1800-330-0120. No Termination fees will apply, however you must pay for all products and services ordered and received, all equipment leased, and all applicable fees and charges, until your cancellation becomes effective. After notifying us you wish to cancel our services, you agree to make all bottles and equipment we have provided to you available for us to pick up as instructed by us in each case in good condition, normal wear and tear expected. You will forfeit any bottle deposits and responsible for the replacement cost of any equipment in each case that you fail to make available for us to pick up.

Limited Liability: Our liability to you shall be limited to repairing or replacing defective products or equipment or re-performing the subject services. We are not responsible or liable for any costs, expenses, claims or other liability related to any damage, loss or change to your personal property, home or office, or for any personal injury to you or any other person, resulting from the installation, maintenance, use or removal of our products or equipment. You will not hold us liable for any and all claims, damage, injury, costs, liability, expense or other loss suffered or incurred by us in connection with this service.

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